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StrengthHeals has had the opportunity to run a numerous of events throughout the years. 

  • Baseball Tournaments

  • Soccer Tournaments

  • Halloween Parties 

  • Football Charity Event 

  • TeamUp Baseball Event for children with Special Needs 

  • Crisis Center Night out at the Ball Game & Baseball Clinic 

  • Summer Camps

Strengthheals Halloween Mock 1.jpg

TeamUp Holiday Olympics


Halloween Workout & Gainsgiving Workout - Hosted by Pro Game Fitness

TeamUp Sports Event - 9/8/2018

StrengthHeals High School Boys Soccer Tournament - 3/3/2018 - Hosted by Pro Game Athletics 

StrengthHeals High School Girls Soccer Tournament - 3/25/2018 - Hosted by Pro Game Athletics 

StrengthHeals 2017

Halloween Fundraiser 

The Pro Game United FC teams had the chance to attend the Red Bulls game on Saturday October 7th. 

This organization represents StrengthHeals right on their jerseys! We like to thank this organization for supporting our cause! 

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