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StrengthHeals is a 501(C)(3) non-for-profit organization that is dedicated to raising awareness pertaining to  issues surrounding children who have suffered from all forms of abuse such as substance, mental, physical or sexual. Our organization is built to provide outlets through sports for children who are living through these life effecting ordeals. We aim to provide access for victims to build relationships and surround themselves with supportive mentors and coaches. We strive to provide all levels of care for victims who are currently dealing with these difficult times or have so in their past. 


You will never know how strong you are

You will never know how strong you can be

Until being strong is your only choice

Fight the fight – you are never alone

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StrengthHeals in the Community

My family and I always see Scottie in the neighborhood and whenever we can, will offer a helping hand, buy him a meal, or just make conversation with him.

Let's help him now. Strengthheals, has made a donation so can you.

Thanks to Julie for thinking of Scottie and organizing this during such a tough time.

Pay it forward...It feels so good to help others.

East Islip Senior and DICKENSON College '25 Ryan Thompson organized a donation drive just for Strengthheals! The donations consisted of all sorts of sports equipment that we will be donating to various locations including Bay Shore, Brentwood and Central Islip and any remaining donations will be sent to the Dominican Republic! Thank you Ryan and his fellow classmates!


StrengthHeals thanks everyone who has donated towards our food donation to 

Good Sam Hospital! 

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StrengthHeals thanks everyone who has donated towards the families of Brentwood, we are still taking donations!



StrengthHeals delivered $3100 to Mr. Vinny Autera, Principle of The Brentwood Freshman Center in Gift Cards to shopritestores for 7 families who have lost a parent and/or guardian due to COVID-19


Counselor And Benefactor Help Corona-Affected Students

A Brentwood guidance counselor and a business owner raise funds for students who have lost parents due to COVID-19 in a hard hit district.


StrengthHeals has 2019 helmet decals for baseball helmets this spring in support of Stop the Bullying. If interested in getting these for your team contact us to pick up!


StrengthHeals is proud to announce $5,395 has been raised by CJ Picone as he participated in the Powershowcase down in Miami - he hit 13 homeruns to raise the funds!



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